“A Song Flung Up to Heaven”
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  • “A Song Flung Up to Heaven”

    It is Maya Angelou's sixth and last autobiographical volume. She made a full circle with that book: it ends with the first sentence of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”.
    It all starts in the mid 1960s. Maya returns home from Africa to work alongside Malcolm X. After his assassination she thinks there is no reason for her to stay in the United States. Soon she realizes she is part of the American black community and should fight for their rights.

    People say:

    "This is a story of hope" – "luverda" (Milwaukee, USA)

    "It is not a book about helplessness. It is a book about surviving, living, loving, singing, dancing, and rising above the very depths of despair" – "siammuse" (Duluth, USA)

    “As you flow from chapter to chapter...nearer to the end...you will smile because she still lives and will write again” - Pamela Jarmon “Rx Poet” (Texas)

    “Reading Dr. Angelou's continued memoir is like sitting with an old, trusted and respected friend; there's a treasured feeling as youlisten to her stories as they come one after the other” - Fafa Demasio (New York City)

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