“The Heart of A Woman”
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  • “The Heart of A Woman”

    It is the fourth volume of Maya Angelou's autobiography. The title of the novel comes from a poem wirtten during the Harlem Renaissance by Georgia Douglas Johnson.
    The book focuses more on Maya Angelou's writing career and, at her involvement in political activities.
    The story begins in New York where Maya lives together with her son in a small apartment. She meets her future husband whom she follows to Africa.

    People say:

    "After reading, you will be prepared to overcome all fears and achieve your dreams" – A reader

    "Words are inadequate to express how I felt to enter the heart of a woman that has so many
    experiences to share and read a book that is so simply and yet masterfully written" – A reader

    “Although the book cannot be called a great artistic or literary achievemen, it nevertheless is absorbing...a talented writer who does attempt to be honest” - Daisy Aldan

    “The book covers one of the most exciting periods in recent African and Afro-American history” - Adam David Miller

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