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  • "Wouldn

    This title is a collection of 24 brief essays. Maya Angelou reflects on various topics: tolerance, spirituality, friendship, travel, style,sensuality, being a woman. The reflection is illustrated with her own experiences.
    Some Angelou's obeservations might seem a bit obvious for some, but on the other hand they may be innovative for others. All the essays are marked with wit and passion.

    People say:

    "I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve the way they think about life" – R. Thornton "rosethorn" (Alton, USA)

    "This is an advice book for living and offers strength to those in search of spiritual uplifting" – Christina Vargas (Cordova, USA)

    “This book is like a food to my soul” - Christina Vargas (Cordova, USA)

    “This book made me want to be a better person” - Stephanie Gage (Austin, USA)

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